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Daddy giving his boy some encouragement during his cocksucking lessons.

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wrapped up and sealed tight.

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I was pretty devastated when I stepped outside of my house to go to work the other day, only to find my car had been stolen. I had to start taking a carpool to get to work, and to my dismay, now depended on the kindness of friends to do things as simple as grocery shopping. But just when I had given up hope of ever seeing my car again, I noticed my tan Honda Civic in a driveway not too far from my work one morning while carpooling. After doing some research one the address online, I found out pretty quickly that the only occupant was a pretty attractive, young bachelor with a pretty extensive criminal record. That was when I knew exactly how I’d get my car back — and my revenge.

Declining a ride home from work one day, I instead walked over to the house and broke in through the backdoor. Sneaking around, I found the loser who stole my car just taking a nap on the patio. I didn’t waste a moment. Using the rag of chloroform I had packed into my briefcase, I smothered his face, and before he even knew what hit him, he was out like a light.

I knew I only had a few minutes before he would come to, so I quickly dragged him into the living room and got him properly trussed up with the ropes I’d sneaked in my briefcase to work. Once he came to, I let him know I was the guy whose car he’d stolen. He started saying all sorts of nasty things, screaming for help and struggling as hard as he could. I gagged him and let him tucker himself out. You should’ve seen his face when I told him that both he and the car would be going home with me.

So I guess, in the end, it was actually all just a blessing in disguise. Not only did I get my car back, but I got a new footrest too. I doubt anyone’ll be looking for him anytime soon.

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Conor 2

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Once more, with feeling.

I’ll leave it up this time. Probably.

But yeah, I hold it till I can’t and then I might’ve had a bit of a messy accident too. Sorry.