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Casper Van Dien from The Vector Files


Casper Van Dien from The Vector Files

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Justin Cox - All taped up and abused :)

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Nick F Vid

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"Well, Mikey… it would seem that even though you’ve been my ‘guest’ here for the past 3 weeks, there are still a few individuals who’ve remained vigilant in the belief thy could decipher your whereabouts… you really should’ve told me about your older brother, boy… you know I don’t take kindly to uninvited guests…"

Mike could hear his abductor’s voice drifting through the murky fog of his young addled mind… it was difficult to fully comprehend the meaning of the words… sensing the multiple wires once again being attached to his restrained body… the random pulsing jolts passing through the butt plug cause him to tremble and shudder with each surging vibration… the current rippling through the cock ring he’s been wearing since first waking up in his kidnapper’s lair.

"Now I know I haven’t allowed you the opportunity to ejaculate these past few weeks, sweet Mikey… but as this is a special occasion, I’m going to adjust these intensity settings on the dial… some electrical surges will be pleasant… others more excruciatingly agonizing and prolonged. I won’t punish you if you find yourself cumming, dear boy… on the contrary, I hope you do cum… multiple times in fact… and for added stimulation, I’m going to allow you to watch as I interrogate as well as punish your brother Marc over there. It looks like he’s just about now starting to return to consciousness and I think we’ll start with a rather intense flogging. Marc needs to learn the consequences of trespassing on my private property… don’t you agree, Mikey?"

'Mmmmpphhrrrrggmmmpphhh…??' Mikey tries to focus on the naked figure across the chamber… thinking he can hear his older brother’s weary voice hoarsely calling ‘M-mike? M-m-mike… you ok?’ The gag prevents Mike from responding with nothing more than a sharp grunting groan as the first waves of intense jolting current shoots through the wires into the ass plug and cock ring… ‘UUuummph… marrRRRGGHGRGHRGMPHH?!?!?’

While Marc’s howling yelps echo throughout the chamber when the flogging begins searing into his naked backside… ‘AAAAAWWWWWWW!! FFFUUUUCCCKKKKKKKK?!!??!?!’, Mike’s cock stiffens from the electrical stimulating anguish as he witnesses his brother’s own tormenting agony… ‘RrRrrRggGgmmmPPHH?!?!’

"Just remember, dear Mikey…you have my permission to cum… it’s been so long, boy… if Marc manages to stay conscious long enough to see you release all that churning, pent-up jism, perhaps we’ll give him the chance to experience some time in the hot seat next…"



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