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Dean was a sexy hunk with his salt-and-pepper hair and toned body from years of working out in the gym — and the bedroom.

But his insatiable appetite for sex led him to seek pleasures away from his wife. When a private eye caught him cheating with the neighbor, she decided to take some revenge.

She knew Dean wasn’t shy about hitting on men at the bar, too, just so he could stroke his own ego even if he wouldn’t go anywhere with them. So she hired a man to kidnap him and teach him a lesson.

John got Dean good and drunk and offered him a ride home. Dean didn’t mind that and was too drunk to realize he was being driven out of town. But he figured he would just crash on the guy’s couch.

Dean woke up the next morning, hung over, wearing just his briefs and a bath robe. He tried stretching but found his arms and legs tied behind him. He saw John and started to ask “what’s going on?” but without a word, he just shoved a big black ballgag in Dean’s mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of his neck.

"Mmmmmmmm!?!" Dean tried to talk and demand to be let go but all that came out where grunts and moans. He struggled against the ropes and tried to work the gag out of his mouth but everything was snug. He wrapped his lips around the ballgag and stared at his captor, who used his finger to shove the gag just a little bit deeper in.

"Your wife knows all about you and your affairs," John taunted. "She let me take you out and teach you a little thing or two about sleeping around. I already had her call your office. Said you’re out sick for the week. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you over the next few days."

"MMMMM!!!" Dean struggled as the man opened the bathrobe and caressed his body and crotch. Soon his angry grunts were turning into moans of pleasure.

Then John stopped.

"But first things first… Your wife wants a divorce. She’ll take the house."


The man kissed Dean on his ballgag, then pulled out a few pictures that must have been taken when he was knocked out cold. All showed him with John’s cock next to or in his mouth. His eyes went wide.

"I took a few of these before you passed out last night. You didn’t seem to mind my cock on your lips," John said. "And if you don’t agree to a quick and clean settlement, your boss will see this little photo gallery, and I’m sure you’ll be a big hit online, too."

Dean groaned in resignation.

"Now, while you think it all over, I’ll show you that you can find a good life after divorce, too." John grabbed Dean’s crotch, which was hard, tight in the briefs. "I can tell you like this, so that flirting you did last night was definitely not just for your ego boost. Now, let’s get to work on those nipples of yours."

Dean spent the next few days bound in various positions and the only time he wasn’t gagged with something was when he was given food and drink or made to suck his captor’s dick.

The divorce was finalized within 2 months. Dean moved in with John a week after that. They started seeing each other regularly since the kidnapping. But John was rarely the submissive. Hunky Dean was more than happy to stick a gag in his own mouth the moment he got home from work each day. And they lived happily ever after.

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Casper Van Dien from The Vector Files


Casper Van Dien from The Vector Files

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Justin Cox - All taped up and abused :)

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